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The Importance of Plant Botanic Conservation

Plants are life-sustaining natural features that should be protected. In the modern era, plants are some of the most threatened species as people need more land. Almost 100,000 species of plants are under the threat of extinction. As you know, different living organism rely on plants for shelter and food and that means that the extinction of different plant species can affect the entire ecosystem. Therefore, destruction of forest cover should be treated as a global threat as it is the backbone of life. Plant protection agencies and bodies have been established and a lot of money invested to protect different plant species from extinction. Also, states have strict policies regarding the invasion of forest cover by private investors as a way of protecting different species of plants. Read on to learn why plants species should be protected from extinction.

According to biology, plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. Human beings and animals need oxygen for the proper functioning of body organs and that makes plant conservation and important thing. Maintaining the composition of air at 21% requires different plant species. Also, plants are considered as primary consumers in the food chain. Hence, to ensure an ecosystem balance with all the players, plants should retain their position in the food chain. Since humans are part of the living organisms that rely on plants as primary producers, plant conservation is important.

Soil erosion can lead to loss of fertile land and that is why many methods have been adopted to combat soil erosion. Plants are helpful when it comes to preventing soil erosion. Plant conservation is encouraged as a way of avoiding some of the effects of soil erosion such as loss of fertility. Plants are a source of raw materials to many industries such as construction, clothing, and food. Many plants species are considered as herbs and that explains why they are widely used by pharmaceutical industries to manufacture drugs. To boost drug research industry, plant conservation is imperative.

Excessive use of different plant species for different reasons has put plant diversity under threat. For instance, the level of logging of timber trees has reached unsustainable levels and there is no replacement. Forest fires are on the rise and this is contributed by climate change. Humans have the mandate to ensure that plant species are safeguarded by enacting the right policies and laws. The most important approach for protecting different plant species is setting up plant botanic gardens. From the above discussion, it is evident that plants play a vital role in improving the quality of life and that explains the need for plant conservation strategies such as botanic gardens.

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